About Me

Since I was a toddler and first watched Disney’s Pinocchio, I knew that I wanted to be be involved in creating for others the kind of magic I felt while watching animated classics. Since then I have worked on making my dream become a reality. I officially started my animation journey in 2009 when I bought Nintendo DS and started working with an app called “FlipNote.” This app was special to me in a number of ways. Not only was I able to experiment with animation, I was able to share my work with others through an online social media page. Getting feedback on my work helped me grow as an animator and challenged me to try new techniques that others shared with me.

In high school, I took advantage of enrolling in a 3D Modeling and Animation course available through the vocational/technical school affiliated with my school district. Here, I learned additional software programs that helped me grow as an animator. Additionally, I had the opportunity to showcase my talent in a vocational/technical competition through the national program Skills, USA. My friend and animation partner, Tracie Emmons, and I competed in two Skills, USA state competitions, one in my sophomore year and the other in my junior year of high school. Both years we won first place in the state competitions and had the opportunity to represent Indiana at the nationals. We were the first all-girl team to represent our state, which is one of the accomplishments I am most proud of.

As a student at IUPUI, I continue to work towards my goal of becoming a professional animator. I look forward to working at a major animation studio in the future. My dream is to one day work for the Disney Corporation as an animator. I had a taste of the Disney life in the spring and summer of 2018 when I participated in the Disney College Program as a merchandiser in the Magic Kingdom. Although my work in the college program is far from my dream of animation, my time at Disney only cemented my interest in a career working for the Mouse!

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